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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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to pay tribute to 18-year-old marckel ross. friends and family of ross gathered for a candlelight vigil last night to remember the slain teen. ross was shot and killed on tuesday morning as he was walking to school. the recent murders of teenagers in the county has shocked and saddened residents. >> it affects the parents. it affects the whole community. >> prince george's county police offering up to $25,000 to anyone with information on either case that leads to an arrest. visitors to a northern virginia hospital should check their bank accounts after someone used an atm skimmer to steal thousands of dollars. someone found the device earlier this week at a nova fairfax county care center in falls church. it had been used on the atm in the gift shop in august. police say there's an easy way to prevent becoming a victim to this kind of crime. >> if there's anything sticking out anywhere like this, try to
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jiggle it and tug on it and make sure that it can't come out because these things are attached sometimes on top of it, and they will come right out if you tug on it. >> police say there are four reported cases of fraudulent card use, but they believe there are more victims. no arrests in the case so far. this is a real scary thing. my sister just had a baby there, and you have to have cash to get out of the parking garage. people run back in there to use the atm machine. so heads up. >> 4:31 is our time. storm team meteorologist tom kierein is here. our thermostat says 65 right now. a little warmer but still nice outside. we do have a little fog beginning to form in the rural areas. watch for that. otherwise e just a few more clouds around today, but pleasant, autumn-like weather. we've had a few clouds rolling in from the west/southwest.
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they're covering the shenandoah valley and the mountains. but points east/southeast. clouds beginning to move into the northern suburbs. areas of dark green in the 50s. a chilly morning throughout much of the region. around the metro area, most of maryland, virginia, west virginia in the 50s this morning. reagan national is at 65. right in the low to mid-60s right near the chesapeake bay. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, generally mid-50s in most locations. watch out for the patchy fog by 6:00 a.m. still in the low 50s. by noontime, the mid-70s and a few clouds around. still not very humid today. up around 80 by midafternoon and getting cloudier by late afternoon. i'll be back in ten minutes with a look at your friday evening along with the hometown forecast. danella is here with the friday morning commute. right now checking on road work in the area. yesterday i was bad news bears. bad news all day.
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right now not so bad. that's good. you are facing road work if you're traveling on the beltway in virginia. let's start with the inner loop as you make your way towards the dulles toll road. just the right lane getting by. let's talk about the inner loop this time as you try to get on 7. that ramp is shut down because of road work in that area. let's head over now to montgomery county if you're taking the roadway right by university boulevard. not seeing it on camera. i drove by it. both the inner loop and outer loop, still have the left lane blocked because of the work zone in that area. and traveling near 201, looks like the cones are being picked up. have one loop getting by. as this reverses right here, the cones are getting picked up, and thad good news. developing in egypt this morning, protesters still inflamed by an anti-islam video. at the embassy in cairo
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overnight, officials fired tear gas into the crowd to try to disperse protesters as they threw rocks. throughout the week, they've been able to keep protesters near the embassy compound, and egypt's president mohamed morsi has vowed not to allow attacks on the embassy. and the protests rage as we are learning more about the americans killed in the first attack in libya. two former navy s.e.a.l.s are among the four that died when the embassy came under fire. glen doherty and tyrone woods were both working as security contractors protecting the ambassador. woods was also a registered nurse and a paramedic who served tours in iraq and afghanistan. doherty's family says he was part of the team that rescued private jessica lynch in iraq in 2003. the first arrests have also been made in the attacks. libyan officials say they have four men in custody who they believe helped instigate the
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attacks, but no further details have been released. the still rising anger over the film that sparked the attacks has officials worried the violence may spread to the u.s. the fbi and homeland security released a bulletin warning first responders of the potential for large protests in american cities. it makes no mention of specific threats but points out, as the film gains more attention, it could prompt more violence both here and abroad. the bulletin also asked faith-based communities to be on the lookout for suspicious activity. republican presidential nominee mitt romney keeping his criticism over how president obama has handled the attacks. he spoke to supporters in van dyke park our military commitment and keep america the strongest military in the world. >> romney will be in the swing state of ohio today and plans to turn his message back to the economy. paul ryan will be in virginia today. the republican vp nominee will visit rockingham fairgrounds in harrisonburg this afternoon. it's been a busy political week
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for the commonwealth. yesterday mitt romney was in fairfax for a rally, and first lady michelle obama appeared at two events in richmond and fredericksburg. and virginia is just one of the key battleground states coming up in this election, and president obama is leading in most of them. a new "the wall street journal" poll shows the president ahead of mitt romney in three key states. he leads by five points among likely voters in virginia. that lead jumps to seven points in ohio. political experts say these are fairly large leads for the president, but they could easily be wiped out if romney has a strong first debate. that debate is scheduled for october 3rd. today the board of health will reconsider regulations on abortion clinics following attorney general ken cuccinelli. they voted to apply it only to new abortion centers. cuccinelli refused to certify
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those rules and told the board it may have to hire outside counsel if it gets sued. metro riders should have a safer ride this morning thanks to a new system that monitors potential problems. the transit agency says a newly installed system can detect and warn of the type of problem that caused the deadly crash on the red line. now they can review trains in realtime. metro has been running all trains in manual mode, but this new system could help them return to automated control. coming up on 4:38 right now. ahead on "news 4 today," let the mad rush begin as apple fans try to get their hands on the new iphone. plus the olympian who will spend part of the day at the white house the first family.
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the president and first lady will welcome many of our olympic athletes to the white house this morning. president obama will honor the 2012 u.s. olympic and paralympic teams on the south lawn today. one of the swimmers being honored is matt mcclain from carroll county, virginia. he helped the u.s. win in the relay.
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always an honor to meet the first lady and also to meet the olympians. >> we're so proud of all our local olympians. i think we had something like 20. it was a huge showing. let's talk about the weather. i'm not missing those 90s. >> not at all. i don't even want to talk about that. as we look outside, temperatures in the 60s for some of us. even lower for others, tom? down in the low 50s for much of the region. good morning. time for your weather and traffic on the ones at 4:41. all around the region, we're going to have temperatures hold steady in the 50s for the next few hours. as we look at the hometown forecast for waldorf, in charles county, by the lunch hour, it will soar to the upper 70s with a few clouds around. for the entire region today, hour by hour, we'll be reaching near 80 degrees by midafternoon with a few clouds developing and late afternoon in the mid-70s. if you're going out tonight for your friday night festivities and friday night high school football, we'll be down to the 70s. great football weather, a lot of clouds around.
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small chance of a few passing sprinkles. a look at the weekend and the seven day outlook in ten minutes. danella has a look at the friday morning traffic. if you're taking the beltway, construction happening in virginia. should be in the final stages. let's head down i-95 if this is your commute. making your way north and southbound, very low volume. northbound nice and clear to the beltway. your travel lanes are open. that job taking 13 minutes. connecting to 395 heading northbound, no issues. southbound at seminary road, blocking your right lane. angie and aaron, back over to you both. time 4:42. still to come, cameras set up to watch over cameras? why one local county is now watching over some of their speed cameras.
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a tragic accident at a las vegas bus stop leaves four people dead and at least seven injured. a car left the road and crashed into the people waiting at the stop. police say the driver of that car is now facing drunk driving charges. a police officer was getting gas in his car nearby and saw the car lose control and slam into the bus stop. talks between teachers and school officials expected to pick back up again today in chicago after failing to reach a deal this morning. the teachers on their fifth day on the picket line after extending the strike in the windy city, the first in 25 years. union delegates are set to meet later this afternoon, and negotiators are hopeful they can have a deal by then. a woman is in police custody this morning in connection to a
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deadly stabbing in northeast d.c. police say she stabbed a man last night near the intersection of fourth and bryant streets, not far from the rhode island metro station. they believe the two did know each other. the man died after being transported to an area hospital. at this point, police have not released the victim or suspect's name. police are also investigating a deadly shooting in northeast d.c. this one along seventh street in the queens chapel neighborhood. someone shot a man in the head outside of his home. investigators have not released the victim's name. at this point, no arrests have been made in the case. a new ad campaign launched in the district aims to create a better environment for transgender people. vincent gray unveiled five ads to be on display in the coming weeks. they include photos of transgender people who live in d.c. the mission here is to make sure transgender people have access to employment and housing and that incidents of discrimination are reported. today neil armstrong, the first man on the moon, will be buried at sea.
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there was an emotional good-bye to armstrong at the national cathedral yesterday. more than 2,000 people packed the cathedral. former crew members buzz aldrin and michael collins attended the ceremony as well. the stained glass window is embedded with a moon rock that neil armstrong back. officials in cuba said there is no offer on the table to bring a maryland contractor jailed back home. a diplomat said the country was willing to negotiate for the release of allen gross. the state department said it has not had any cooperation on a deal. they also believe cuba wants to trade for cuban agents jailed in the u.s. gross is serving a 15-year sentence for illegally bringing in internet equipment for cuba's jewish community. a fire in germantown after a blown fuse caught fire. this video shot by a viewer
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shows it in flames at graen seneca highway. the fire knocked out power inform more than 1,000 customers, including a giant food store. police had to detour traffic for quite some time. firefighters were able to get the flames under control, and power was restored about 10:00 last night. have you bought it yet? the iphone 5 is available for preorder online. the latest creation from apple went on sale earlier this morning. the iphone 5 boasts a larger screen, faster processor, and a better camera. it also features a new smaller dock connector which has upset apple fans. they'll have to buy all new accessories with the connector. the iphone 5 will ship out a week from today. >> if you have a blackberry charger, i think it's the same. the mini one. >> you only use that to charge your battery. >> as long as you hang on to your old chargers, probably won't have to buy a new one. >> no big deal. we got it. today more than 30,000 people are waking up in shelters after a volcano eruption in
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guatemala. it erupted yesterday, sending volcanic ash nearly two miles into the sky. that, along with flowing lava, forced authorities to evacuate people from 17 surrounding villages. the eruptions were expected to last up to 12 hours, but they were not expected to impact antigua, the country's main tourist center. droughts in the u.s. reaching near record levels. according to the national data center, 50% of the country is now moderate to extremely dry. the only time it's been worse was the mid-1950s and the dust bowl of the 1930s. america is the leading producer of corn, wheat, and soy. the and the drought expected to drive up food prices. the state most impacted, nebraska, where the entire state is under drought conditions. d.c.'s department of health will meet to try to figure out a way to solve the growing mosquito problem in the district. people living on "m" street
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northwest at tenth blame the canopy keepers used to water trees along the sidewalks. they say it's breeding ground for mosquitoes, and with the threat of west nile virus, residents are cautious about how long they're staying outside. >> you can't sit out anymore. it's just been awful. knowing someone who's had west nile virus last year and is totally incapacitated, it's on your mind all the time now. >> health experts say to pour out or get rid of any standing water in your yard or neighborhood. they also recommend using mosquito repellant and avoiding walking outside around dusk and dawn. make sure you got a lot of deet in that repellant. >> got to watch out for the standing water. we've been warned a lot about that. coming up on 4:51 is our time right now. tom kierein is here. no fresh standing water coming down lately. >> not until next week. i'll have the latest on that coming up. a lot going on this weekend. first of all, tonight, high school football game is big. weather is going to be
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interesting on that. we'll give you the information. and the big "h" street festival is this weekend. last year they had over 50,000 people there, and they're expecting more. that's more. and there's the great frederick fair. that's going on in frederick county. that starts this weekend in frederick, maryland. in addition, we've got the rally for clean water. >> here we go, everybody. >> and bruce springsteen tonight at nationals park. >> now that's a good show. >> and the bluemont fair going on in western county. let's get right to the forecast. >> the horse festival is going on too. >> where's that? >> somewhere downtown. look at this great photo sent in by one of our viewers of a beautiful cloud at sunset. this was taken a couple of nights ago at silver spring. send your photos to it's a chilly friday morning. we're down in the low to mid-50s, and a few ten dridrils
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fog. in some of the rural areas, montgomery, fairfax, prince george's county only in the 50s right now. reagan national at 65. the clouds are drifting in, coming in from the west. meanwhile, way out here in the upper midwest, michigan to northern indiana, they're getting a few showers along a front. that front is arriving here tonight. here mostly clear morning, just a few clouds and patchy fog. from the 50s to near 60 in the metro area. by lunchtime, we'll be low to mid-70s. after work and school, clouds beginning to move in. 70s by early evening. for the evening planner, we might have a few sprinkles. small chance of that for the springsteen concert and the high school football games, we'll be in the low 70s through the evening. beautiful evening otherwise. a great weekend coming up. sunny each day. near 60 each morning. near 80 tomorrow afternoon.
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does look like a chance of rain monday afternoon into tuesday, drying out after that. now danella has a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning and thanks, tom. checking out things in maryland along i-95 at bw parkway. looks nice and clear from the baltimore beltway all the way to the capitol beltway. not seeing anything to worry about. if you continue southbound on 295 heading into the district, clear as well really in both directions. i'll give you a live look if you're crossing over the wilson bridge. no volume at all. very, very light in both directions, accident free. coming back in ten minutes with a look at your rails. angie and aaron, back over to you. prince george's county police are now installing cameras to watch cameras. they're setting up surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the county's speed cameras after a rash of vandalism. six speed cameras have been vandalized in april, and they cost thousands of dollars to replace. police hope to have 12
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surveillance cameras up in the next couple of months. they say it's a matter of public safety. 4:54 now. it will be yet another weekend of delays on metro. track work impacting four of the system's five lines. only one station will be closed, the greenbelt station on the green line. but single tracking on two sections of red line as well as vienna in west falls church and morgan avenue on the blue line. work should be done by monday morning. there is good news for blue line riders. metro wants to pay you to try riding the yellow line. since starting the new rush plus program, blue line riders have complained about fewer trains. metro now offering them a $5 fare card to transfer to the yellow line, which now gets more trains during the rush hour. you can get one of the free fare cards next tuesday and wednesday between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. at pentagon city and l'enfant plaza. they also hand them out during
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the evening rush, or will do that on september 25th and 27th. >> people don't like to change their route. >> you got a routine, you like to stick to it, but free money. >> $5. take it. time 4:55. coming up, going to great lengths to get around the school bus. coming up at 5:15, how a smart thinking driver busted this aggressive driver. first, though, why you could get stuck paying more for your next trip out of town. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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we're still a couple months away from the busy holiday season, but major airlines have already hiked fares. southwest airlines led the pack earlier this week with a $10 increase each way on about 10% of its flights. u.s. airways went ahead and matched that. and united airlines went on to raise the price on most of its domestic flights. delta and virgin america also matched the united price hike. have you seen this drone? it's missing, and if you find it, there's a reward apparently. a local man lost his small remote drone over the weekend. adam eddinger was using the drone to record it on adams morgan day on sunday. he was on a rooftop when a gust of wind blew it out of remote control range. it may have crashed near 17th street and florida avenue. a $200 reward is being offered to the person who turned it in.
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a mural of chuck brown has been added to the wall of ben's chili bowl on "u" street. the godfather of go-go has got good company on the wall. paintings of radio personality donny simpson, you see there, president obama, and bill cosby also on the wall. the group murals d.c., a city program, puts them up.


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